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Custom a game

Personnalize a game to give it to your friend, relative or love.

It's your game !

Skin your perso, add pictures & special message

Customize the player

Change sex and hero's color such as skin clothes or hair color

Add your pictures

Personnalize the game with your own pictures ! Remember the best moments through 4 personals pictures

Ending message

Funny way to deliver a message "happy birthday", "I love you", "St Valentin", "the gift is hidden behind the bed"

Mobile game

He/she will enjoy the game on his/her own iPhone and Android smartphone

Looking for an original gift idea for Christmas, a birthday, or Valentine's day ? or for a last minute gift ? You do not know what to offer or you are looking for a personal and unique gift? Personalize the video game and offer it to your partner, relative or friend.

This one will control a character to his name through 3 levels. The character will pass in front of your photos that you will have added. He will finally finish the game in a scene where a character representing you will tell him your message you have sent.

Enter the name of the player, your name, add your photos, personal messages and we'll create a customized iPhone and android game.

The hero, the one receiving the game
You, who offer that game

Pictures & messages

  • Available on Android
  • 2 minutes delivery