Custom a game

Personnalize a game to give it to your friend, relative or love.


It's your game !

Skin your perso, add pictures & special message

Customize the player

Change sex and hero's color such as skin clothes or hair color

Add your pictures

Personnalize the game with your own pictures ! Remember the best moments through 4 personals pictures

Ending message

Funny way to deliver a message "happy birthday", "I love you", "St Valentin", "the gift is hidden behind the bed"

Mobile game

He/she will enjoy the game on his/her own iPhone and Android smartphone

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“I offered the game for my son for his birthday, he was really happy ! He plays a couple of hours on his iPhone to finish the game.” (translated)

“Really original way to gift to my girlfriend a ring for her birthday : she needed to finish the game to read the message indicating where the ring was hidden. The difficulty was fine.” (translated)

“My boyfriend thinks it's funny and cool. He was happy to show it to his friends”. (translated)